25.05.18 New GDPR Regulation

LR Avocats will be happy to assist your company with the new GDPR implementation


On 25 May 2018, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) went into effect. The GDPR introduces a much firmer regulatory framework in the field of data protection. It does not only apply to data processing within the EU, but also concerns data transfers to third party countries.


The GDPR defines personal data as any information relating to an identifiable person. The definition provided by the GDPR is so vague that nearly every data processing is concerned by the new regulations. For example, the use of addresses or e-mails to communicate with customers, providers or your employees constitutes a processing of personal data and therefore falls under the new GDPR regulations.

Hence, every company or independent professional who collects personal data is obliged to comply with the GDPR legal framework. Over the course of the past several weeks, many companies have realised that their data processing is not compliant with the GDPR, but most companies have not yet taken the necessary steps to address this issue.

Now is the right time to remedy this situation. Not to do so would be negligent not the least because the GDPR provides penalties up to 20.000.000 EUR or 4% of the total worldwide annual turnover of the preceding financial year in case of non-compliance with said obligations.

L&R Avocats will assist your company to fully comply with this new regulatory environment. As a multi-disciplinary team in the legal field we can guide our clients through the necessary steps in order to implement the GDPR.

We may assist you with your privacy audit and develop together the data protection strategy which suits your company best.

Our legal advisory work includes:

assistance with the proceedings to nominate a Data Protection Officer;
assessment of the risk of a data breach;
development and maintenance of a record of processing activities;
performance of a data protection impact assessment;
development of a corporate governance data protection policy;
implementation of personal data breach disclosure mechanisms;
review of your existing data processing agreements;
update of your privacy statements;
certification of the measures taken by your company to comply with the GDPR regulations.
If you have any questions regarding the GDPR or would like to ensure that your company complies with the GDPR’s legal framework, do not hesitate to contact L&R Avocats. Our lawyers and data protection experts will gladly assist you in implementing the necessary data protection measures.